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With a lot of power, a lightweight feel, and overheat protection technology for a quick dry, this Ikonic dynamite hair dryer machine is an essential must-have for salon’s drybar. It’s easy to hold and operate for maneuvering attachments, also it offers a generously long cord. Additionally, the internal make and orientation of this low-noise functioning hair dryer feature a 4 heat and 2-speed combination plus a cool shot option and a hang-up loop for convenient storage.

Ingredients :-

How to Use :- Features 1. RATING: 220V-240V-50HZ-60HZ 2400W-2800W 2. 3 HEAT AND 2 SPEED COMBINATION PLUS COOL SHOT OPTION 3. 2 BIG & 2 SMALL NOZZLES FOR ANY HAIR STYLING NEED 4. LOW NOISE FUNCTIONING 5. Overheating protection device 6. Professional high speed AC motor for extreme velocity, maximum concentrated airflow speed and high temperature. 7. 3 meters lengthened flexible cord 8. Hang-up loop for convenient storage

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