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Introducing the Pro Titanium Crimper, the ultimate tool for achieving stunning volume and texture in your hair. Featuring wider 40MM titanium plates, this crimper allows you to create bold and defined crimps with ease. The undulating plates add dimension and lift, giving your hair a voluminous finish. With a digital display and adjustable temperature ranging from 110-230 degree Celsius, you have precise control over the heat settings. The built-in overheat protection ensures safety while the instant heat up feature saves you time. Plus, the swivel cord provides tangle-free manoeuvrability for effortless styling. Elevate your hairstyling game with the Pro Titanium Crimper

Ingredients :-

How to Use :- Features 1. 40MM Titanium Wide plates 2. Undulating plates to create volume & texture 3. Digital display with adjustable temperature from 110-230 degree C 4. Overheat Protection 5. Instant Heat up 6. Swivel Cord Warranty 1 Year from the date of purchase

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