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Get this Ikonic hair tong; an all-time favourite asset you can add to your hair care routine. It features a 3-meter swivel cord that ensures wires do not get tangled and this acts as a safety feature as well. It also has an excellent ergonomic design for far-infrared heat and ensures that neither your hand nor your body is stressed during the most intensive styling session (Press & hold the start button for 3 seconds for it to start.)

Ingredients :-

How to Use :- Features 1. The ceramic barrel technology evenly distributes heat. 2. The protective cool tip provides safety for holding. 3. Ceramic infrared barrels heat up instantly in less than a minute. 4. integrated safety stand allows to place the iron down securely during styling. 5. rubber handle for comfort slip free grip 6. overheat protection, shut down in case of over-heating or after 30 mins of inactivity. 7. A 360° swivel power cord that rotates to prevent twisting and tangling of the cord while in use. 8. 10MM Skinny Barrel to create tight & Skinny Curls Warranty 1 Year from the date of purchase

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